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More wedding photos. Some are repeats.

This one always makes me laugh because of Eric, on the left end, who looks like he's throwing a temper tantrum:

Love this one, the sweat on his upper lip is what I looked at during the ceremony to keep me from crying:

The veil was painful to stick in my hair:

It'd be an even better boob shot if my bra weren't showing:

My wedding bands:

Extreme close-up. Don't look to close at my pores! I used to have HORRIBLE acne (thank you acutane!) but I like that some of my freckles are showing:

My bouquet:

Yes, I need to work on my "thug" face:

My mom, the "hostess" and the officiant all look worried:

Girls waiting for guys to come take them down the aisle:

At this point, my mom turned around and waved to all the guests and said "Hi Everyone!" She later told me that she did it to keep herself from bawling:

Smiling in disbelief that I am married:

Us with my parents:

Me and my FIL:

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