,.+*`Meghan'*+., (meggychic) wrote,

So, I've got about 6 Macy's giftcards kicking around from our wedding. I'm considering buying a bread maker... I've got to assume they sell those at Macy's.

Anyways, tell me what you think about your breadmaker and break-making in general! Is your maker a waste of space? Do you use it a lot? Are the start-up costs a lot (ie ingredients)? Easy to use?

Please keep in mind, I have never baked bread, machine or no machine. My grandmother used to make us bread all the time when she lived near us, and she was a very lazy baker... so I've got to assume it's easy.

Side note: We were given a crock pot for Christmas and I have yet to bust it out of the box because I don't feel like taking the time to figure out how to use it... and I KNOW those things are ridiculously easy. Does that mean I'm doomed to never use a break maker?

Oh... the things I think about when Alex is napping...
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